Is it possible for Armadillos to transmit the leprosy to the people?

Even if armadillos are known to be interesting animals, there are many reasons why you should keep away from them since they are capable of transmitting leprosy to humans. It has been confirmed that one of three people who suffer from leprosy in the US is the result of being in contact with the armadillos that already had the disease. More cases are found where some people skin, hunt or eat armadillos.

Signs of leprosy

In some places, leprosy is referred to as Hansen’s disease, which is a disease that has infected people for more than a thousand years. It is now possible to know faster that someone has been infected, and it has to be treated by the use of antibiotics. However, people sometimes are not able to recognize when they suffer from skin lesions, and it also becomes hard for people when they start to suffer from nerve damage for a long period. A doctor can fail to think that he is dealing with leprosy, especially if the person infected did not go outside of the country.

How humans get infected with armadillos’ leprosy

Armadillos are among other creatures that have been known to be the hosts of leprosy bacillus in addition to people. It has been found that armadillos do suffer a similar disease strain as that found within humans. The bacteria that cause leprosy may not survive for a long period out of a body. The armadillos have been known to host leprosy, and it is possible to be transmitted to the humans when handling or eating armadillos.

Which type of armadillos transmits leprosy?

However, the risk of humans getting this disease from armadillos is still low since only nine banded armadillos are able to contract leprosy .Other people who get this disease get it when they have been abroad where people suffer from the disease. As it has been reported through research, armadillos got this disease from men in the past 500 years.

How long armadillos live with leprosy

When the armadillos start to show the symptoms, then they will not be able to live for a long period. It is possible to avoid contamination by keeping away from these animals. It is not advised to hunt, skin or eat armadillos.

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