What are some problems caused by armadillo digging?

When it comes to destruction, few animals can reach to the level of armadillos. If you suspect that you have armadillos in your place, you should make sure that you get rid of them at once. Most of the time, armadillos cannot be injured easily since they have sturdy armor and you cannot give them poison since they like to eat insects. The only way that you can get rid of armadillos effectively and safely is when you trap and relocate them.

If you do not do so, you should expect the following:

When armadillos make a territory their homes, they will start by digging burrows in their territory. In the wild, armadillos dig near trees, so if they are in a residential place, they will dig near foundation and walls of outbuildings and domestic homes. When armadillos dig in the same area for a long period, they will cause structural instability and the building may sink into these holes.

Armadillos like to look for their food in flat and soft places. This helps them to see where their prey is. Since lawns and gardens are favorite places of grubs and earthworms, your garden will become unsightly with holes when armadillos start to look for the food there.

When armadillos dig small tunnels, they may pass under anything such as small house or fences. As the time passes, the fence posts can be undermined and the fence itself will be damaged.

People may use insecticides thinking that in this way they will reduce the food supply of the armadillos and therefore reducing their digging. However, this does the opposite since they will dig even more and deeper to be able to get enough food.

You can use live traps to catch and get rid of armadillos. Or you may use chicken wire along the house foundation, driveway and patio. If you want to capture armadillos, you can use meal worms or earthworms to capture them. To make sure that armadillos enter into the trap easily, you may put soil or leaf litter on the bottom of the trap. Relocating armadillos means transferring the problem to another place, and this could spread diseases.

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