What are the most common types of animals that poop on or in buildings?

Our homes and buildings are often visited by wild animals as they look for food, shelter, and perhaps some breeding ground. With the presence of wild animals in the house or within the compound, you can expect to encounter different types of animal droppings. The poop will vary in size, shape, color, and smell depending on the animal responsible.

Here are some of the animals that will defecate inside your home or within the yard

1. Birds
– bird droppings are commonly found in the yard and around the home. Within the compound, the bird’s poop might not be a big challenge, but the moment birds enter the attic, then this becomes a serious issue. Within a short time there will be an accumulation of feathers, droppings and nesting materials.

2. Hedgehogs
– hedgehogs will leave large droppings within the compound and inside the attic. To get inside the attic, they will require large openings.

3. Cockroaches
– roaches prefer living close to humans. They find the attic a very good place for breeding and like to turn it into a home. They have very small droppings, but when there are many if them, the poop is very much noticeable within the floor.

4. Mice and rats
– mice and rats are the most common types of animals that poop in a house. They can be found inside and even outside the building. They leave behind thousands of small drooping wherever they invade. They are quite messy and they need to be controlled as fast as possible before the infestation gets out of hard.

5. Squirrels
– if there is a presence of squirrels in your area, you will always find droppings within your yard or compound. These animals move about looking for food. If they gain entry into your attic, the same case happens. You will encounter fairly large poop all over inside the attic.

6. Raccoons
– raccoons are other common wild animals that will leave droppings within your home. As they move around, they will leave behind large droppings the size of a cat or small dog’s poop.

7. Bats
– bats droppings will mostly be found where they stay. Within a short time after infestation, their droppings accumulate in large piles.

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