What should I do if I find a nest of wild animals in the attic?

Many types of wild animals may get inside of an attic or building. People become aware of the problem when they start to hear noises within the ceiling. The noise can be walking, digging, scratching and scampering around. It is at this time they move into the attic to investigate.

Nests of wild animals in the attic

It is a common thing to find nests of wild animals in the attic. The reason why wild animals occupy the attic is mainly because:
• They are looking for a breeding place
• They are looking for a comfortable and safe place to build their homes
• They have found plenty of food in the vicinity

What to do with a nest of a wild animal

If you have located a nest in the attic, the next stage is to identify the type of animal that you are hosting. Establish if there are some young ones in the nest. This will help you determine the next course of action. If there are no babies, it could mean the animal is preparing for breeding. The next step is to trap the animal using any of the humane methods available. Relocate it to a safe place so that it can survive in the new environment.

If babies are involved

If the animal has babies, it is good to wait until the babies grow up before you try to chase away the animal. This is in case there is no damage to the property and the animal is not inconveniencing you in any way. The babies will not survive without the mother. If it is a must to relocate the animal, find an animal expert to do the work for you.

Remember to seal all entry points

Once you are done evicting the animal, find all the entry points and seal them. Remember to inspect all the exterior eaves, the roof and vents. Do not close the entry points of any animal when it is still inside. This is because it will die for lack of food and water. Before you locate the dead animal, you will have suffered a lot from the foul smell.

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