What are the risks of animals chewing on electric wires?

Squirrels and other rodents are usually the main culprits of chewed electrical wires in a home or building. The most common place this kind of damage occurs is the attic. This is because the animals are alone in the attic and hence they have time for chewing wires.

Why do they chew wires?

Why do they chew wires or the insulation? There are a number of reasons why they do so.

• To control teeth growth

• To strengthen their teeth

• To sharpen their teeth

What are the risks involved?

There are a number of risks involved when wires are stripped of their insulation or protective covering.

1. Electrocution – naked wires with strong current can electrocute anyone who comes into contact with them. That is why they are covered during manufacturing. Electrocution can cause serious injuries or even death. Any naked wires should be immediately covered to remove the risk of electrocution.

2. Ignite fires – naked wires are a major cause of fires in homes. There are a lot of dry, flammable materials in our homes such as wood, clothing, plastics, and liquids among others that can catch fire easily after being ignited by sparks from naked wires. It is best to cover electrical wires with a strong material such as steel or a strong plastic. This minimizes the chances of them being chewed by wild animals. Consider replacing any chewed piece of wire.

3. Blackouts – squirrels are known to chew wires so much that they split. Splitting of the weak wires will automatically cause a blackout or power shortages. If the wires come into contact, they can cause some circuits to trip.

Electrical damage can cause short-circuiting to the wiring system in your home. This will require the use of an expert to restore everything back to proper operation. In this way, you will incur unwanted costs for these electrical repairs. The best thing is to deal with the wild animals and keep them out of your home or building. You should always be on the lookout to know when they invade your territory.

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