What are the most common types of animals that eat your pet's food?

Wild animals in most cases find human houses and other property habitable for various reasons. So any homeowner might have a challenge with one or more wild animal at any given time. One of the main reasons why wild animals invade our territories is to look for food. Since they have no one feeding them, they have to scavenge for food everywhere. In our homes, we have pets that we feed often. Chances are that there are times we will leave the pet food or remains uncovered. This will attract wild animals into your home as they come looking for that leftover food.

Some of the animals that eat your pet’s food

Each area or state has different types of wild animals that call it their territory. But whatever kind of wild animal there is, be assured that they will have to move from one place to another looking for food. Here is a list of some of the animals you should expect to come across.


Coyotes are some of the wild animals that will come sniffing around your home depending on where you live. If they come across your pet food or leftovers, they will definitely take a bite.


Raccoons are very fond of trash. They are notorious for making a meal of whatever you've thrown out in your trash can. This means that if they come across your pet food, they will definitely eat it as fast as possible.


If you have an infestation of rodents near your home or in the yard, they will be eating your pet food or any other available food sources around. They are sneaky and quick in their movements.


Birds will also not pass by your pet food. If they come across it, they will land and have a peck on it. There are lots of other animals that will be tempted to eat your pet’s food as well.

Contamination of food and water

Remember whenever you have such a situation, there is always that risk of pet food contamination. These hungry wild animals carry lots of diseases. There is a need to make sure pet food and leftovers are well covered and necessary measures are carried out to deter the wild animals.

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