What are the most common types of animals that eat your garden?

Regardless of how you may try your best to make sure that no wild animals come onto your property, sometimes everything you have tried can be futile and you may have to deal with wild animals from time to time.

The following are common animals that will come to feast in your yard.

When you find that the vegetables have jagged edges on the stems or leaves, then it can be a deer. The deer have small teeth on their bottom jaw and they have a hard plate which has no teeth at the top. When they eat, they normally tear off the plant parts and do not bite them. You will also find hoof prints in the garden.

If it is a rabbit that came to your garden, the bite will be at a 45 degree angle. The reason for this is the sharp teeth of a rabbit. The damage will also be close to the ground. Other signs are pea sized dropping and branch clippings. When it is during the winter, they also griddle in the garden. This takes place by them eating the entire back found at the bottom of a shrub or tree, and this may kill the plant.

Other animals that can visit your yard include squirrels, chipmunks, deer, woodchucks, voles and rabbits. You will know that these animals were in your yard if you find that a large part of a plant has been chewed away. If the leaves have been nibbled on or the stems have been cut away or the plants have been nibbled on in a uniform manner, you know you are dealing with an animal in your garden. This is also the case if the plants have been eaten and reach the ground or the fruits have been removed or damaged.

If you want to keep big animals away from your garden, you can use repellents and a fence. The fence has to be installed in the correct way and it has to be maintained. This can deter most animals but not birds. You have to start by identifying the type of the animals in your yard before you decide on the excluding method. Fencing is the best way to deal with different wildlife animals.

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