What wild animals can destroy the wood on your house?

Different types of wild animals are capable of destroying wood and wooden items in your home or building. This can happen either because the animal is benefitting from the wood like the wood boring insects or because of the activities carried out on the wood. Insects and rodents are best known for destroying wood and wooden surfaces.

Wood destroying insects

The damage to the wood on your home can be caused by these insects:

• Termites

• Carpenter ants

• Powder post beetles

• Wood borers

Detection of wood destroying insects

The damage is detected by the presence of small or large holes and also dust particles on the floor boards. The wood destroying insects also make noise while carrying out their activities. After detection, it is important to consult experts so as to know the best way to deal with the wood destroying insects.

Birds also destroy wood

There are birds that may also destroy your home. A good example is the woodpecker. Woodpeckers will come to your home to find insects and will create cavities for shelter and nesting and marking of a territory. The best way to deal with them is to cover all holes available. Also harass the birds whenever they come to your home and start messing around. Eventually they will give up and go somewhere else. Sometimes lethal control methods are applied, but you must have permission from the animal control of your area.

The other wild animals

All the other wild animals such as mice, skunks, squirrels, rats, and bats, among others, are capable of destroying the wood or wooden structures of your home or building. This can be by directly affecting the wood, for instance, chewing or gnawing as rodents do. They are known to eat wooden structures and even the electrical piping. They can be very destructive if not controlled fast enough. The other animals will destroy the wood by their activities. Mostly, this is through droppings and urine. The extent of the damage will depend on the number of the wild animals. The heavier the infestation, the more damage will be caused to the wood or wooden structures.

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