What To Do About A Wild Animal Under The Porch

If you live near a wooded area, you may find unexpected visitors near or in your home from time to time. This can present a problem for people who have small children or pets, and not knowing what to do can result in injuries, a waste of money and a lot of stress for you and the animal.

It’s important to understand that wild animals are the rightful inhabitants of the woods around your house, so to them, your family is invading their territory. Although they may seem a nuisance to us, respecting their territory is essential to the balance of the ecosystem.

A wild animal living under the porch is not as invasive or as difficult to solve as if the animal were inside the basement or the attic. Many animals seek the protection of the porch during the sweltering summer days or the freezing winter months. They may just want a cozy dry place to wait it out, or even as a hideaway from predators.

So, how to solve the problem without major stress? If you’re willing to just leave the animal undisturbed, you may find that after a few days, the animal will have moved on to another den. To protect children or pets when outside, make sure to make as much noise as possible to alert the animal of your presence. Most wild animals are shy and prefer to hide when they sense human presence, so the likelihood of them coming out to attack are very slim, in any case small children and pets must be watched at all times.

If you prefer to get rid of the animal living under your porch, the first thing you must do is identify where it is gaining entrance, or find where exactly its den is. Once this is done, try to lure it out, or wait until you see it leaving before blocking up the entrance. Make sure that no babies are left inside, as the mother will do its best to find a way back in to her young, if not, they will die and you will be faced with the task of getting rid of decaying bodies and terrible odors.

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