Do mothballs or ammonia help repel wild animals?

When you have a wild animal problem on your property, getting rid of them is most often the thing that you prioritize in your mind. Every wild animal will have its own unique and best way of being handled. There are many factors that are considered before taking the action of removing the wild animals. Usually, there are animals that will have young ones, and when you are considering a mode of removal, you should come up with the most humane way.

Do mothballs and ammonia work?

Repellents are usually on the top of the list when it comes time to get rid of animals from a home or building. But do they work? Well to be straightforward, these are not the best ways of getting rid of wild animals. The problem is that whenever people go to the stores, they are told that the mothballs and ammonia are effective. They may also get information from advertisements and do it yourself instructions readily available to all.

Drawbacks of mothballs and ammonia

• They are made of dangerous chemicals that can affect your pets or even children when placed in the wrong place.
• They are prone to destroy the environment, especially the air you breathe more so because of the pungent smell.
• Mothballs and ammonia do not really work to the extent that the companies advocating for them claim they do.
• Initially, the animals may be deterred, but when they get used to the smell, they will stick around, oblivious to the stench that is all around them.

The best way forward

The best way is to prevent a wild animal invasion in the first place. Find out why wild animals prefer your property and then decide on the best course of action. This could be because there is plenty of food for them to eat, comfort and shelter from the bad elements. Remove and cover all the waste food. Make sure your garbage cannot be accessed by the wild animals.

Animal proof your home

Animal proof your home and you will not have to worry about an animal invasion. Cover all possible entry areas and always be on the lookout. Constantly harass the ones you find trying to come close to your home.

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