About Gopher: Appearance, biology, life cycle, habitat, diet, behavior

Gopher Diet

Gophers are vegans, so they do not eat meat or other animals. They are not predators because they only eat plants and grasses or trees and roots. This is the gophers’ diet.

Gopher habitat

Gophers live in buildings or tunnels. They can live in the dark underground and will show up to fetch their food. The complexity of the tunnels they build are ideal for the gopher’s life since they have long and sharp teeth and front legs to direct their body to walk inside the tunnel.

Sometimes you will see a gopher running around the yard looking for foods. Gophers are solitary animals, which means they are used to being alone in a tunnel and not in a group.

However, apart from its seemingly sweet nature, a gopher can ruin your garden and lawn. It kills the trees since it eats the roots. If you have a large property, you will likely encounter these animals at one time or another along with the damage they cause. They can eat the soil too. But they have to be careful because they can be a prey for predators like snakes and coyotes, or owls and weasels.

Gopher biology

A gopher’s teeth can be in the range of 5 inches to 14 inches. Yes, they can be quite long. The males are larger than the females and they have smooth, fine fur. The colors can range from pale black to white. And the size of their bodies also varies.

Gopher behavior

It is important to learn that gophers don’t eat meat, so you need to try to protect your garden. You should build a fence and plant the plants in boxes so they may not come near or ruin your hard work. They can actually dig under a fence, so make sure it goes deep enough into the ground.

They can ruin the whole yard, so you should take prevention methods to keep them off of your property. If you already spot the signs of gophers in your yard, you should take immediate action in order to limit the damage caused.

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