About armadillos: Appearance, biology, life cycle, habitat, diet, behavior

Armadillos are mammal animals native to North America – especially Texas and the neighboring states. Armadillos are regarded aspests because they dig and create tunnels and holes that demolish gardens and yards, and they can also create some serious damage besides aesthetical issues.


An armadillo isan animal that weighs about 10 pounds, with scutes, a hard outer layer covering its entire oblong-shaped body. An armadillo has a triangular shaped head and close placed eyes. It comes in a gray, light tan or brown color.


Armadillos are nocturnal species, and this is particularly so during hot months. When the temperatures go down in the winter, they might be seen during the day as well. Armadillos love to dig, primarily to create several homes that they transfer from one to another as they find suitable for their needs. They don’t see particularly well, but they have great scent abilities. Even though you might think that an armadillo is slow and clumsy, looks are deceiving – this is a capable animal that can run very fast when it needs to and is also a capable swimmer.

Life Cycle

Armadillos live approximately 10 to 15 years. They live alone the entire year around, except when there is the mating season. This is the only period when a female and male will spend some time together, and only until the female gets pregnant. As soon as this happens, the male leaves and lets her take care of the youngsters. The pregnancy lasts 4 month, after which period she delivers up to 4 babies.


Armadillos usually create their homes underground, digging to create a den that is warm and dry. The den is usually located near a fresh water source (creek, river) and in a forest, where there is shade that keeps the temperature pleasant. Armadillos usually build dens in mild climate areas.


The armadillo diet usually consists of bugs and insects they find on the ground, thanks to their great sense of smell. They pick up insects, bugs and larvae with their sticky tongue, effectively and quickly picking them off the ground.


Armadillos are shy animals that will always choose to run away instead of hold their ground. They don’t fight but run away instead. They are good jumpers and fast runners.

This can be dangerous for bikers on the road, who will probably not see them during the night or dusk. When an armadillo jumps in fear, it can easily hit the biker’s body and crash the bike.

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