What is a snare trap?

A snare trap is a kind of trap that is typically used for catching animals in the forest such as partridges, deer, birds, mouse-deer and more. Many hunters use snares because they are easy to use and do not need to be supervised. They are often made out of natural materials like trees or branches and use fruit as bait. Certain types of snare traps will lead to the death of an animal, whereas others allow for an animal to be captured alive.

A snare trapcan be formed when something heavy is tightened on a rope wrapped around sticks driven into the ground. At the tip of the rope there is a knot that attaches to a stem. When animals come into contact with the trap while looking for food, then the snare will tighten and trap the animal. The animals who have been captured can rarely escape.

A snare trapwill be left for a day or two unsupervised. These snare traps are typically installed in the bushes, cracks of trees, buttressed trees, gardens and areas adjacent to a river or a source of food.You have to be patient when using a snare trap. This trap can automatically ensnare the feet of the animal when the key part is pressed down. Most hunters find thatsnare traps are very effective when given time to work.

A rope with a knottedlaso (snare) plays an important role when trapping game animals. When intersected branches are stepped on, it will cause the lock to trip and the snare trap will ensnare the animal’s feet. The twigs should be covered with dry leaves as camouflage.

A snare trap can be a very useful trap as long as it is set properly in the right location. You must pay attention to the surroundings when selecting a trap location, such as the presence of animal waste,food sources or drinking areas of animals in the wild.

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