What is a connibear trap?

A connibear trap is the best trap for catching animals such as beavers, especially for those who have no prior experience catching or ensnaring animals. Catching and moving beavers alive is illegal in many areas. Trapping a beaver by gripping its body is usually the most effective option.

A connibear trap is often used to trap beavers or other animals because it is an easy and safe way to grip the animal's body. Preparing the trap is also fairly easy. First, lay out all the materials before you start to put them together. A connibear trap has two curved spring wires on each side, two safety hooks hanging on the spring, two square-shaped jaws, and a trigger.

Use a lubricant to coat the trap to keep it from being unruly. Make sure the trap is set correctly and is not too noticeable when placed. You need to soak the trap with a lubricant in advance to help in this process.

You can use hot, soapy water as a lubricant, soak the trap and then rinse. After rinsing, soak the trap with a mixture of salt and hot water. Make sure you drain traps a few days before you string the trap. This will make sure the trap will not become rusty so that it can be in maximum shape to work as intended.

Once lubricated, be sure to place the trap correctly. Although it is a trap that is easy, safe and effective to use, proper connibear trap placement is essential. If traps are misplaced, they can cause too much pain for the trapped animall. Next, you have to tighten the spring. Then, grip and press the spring so that the spring generate power to ensnare the animals in it.

Follow the instructions for your particular trap because each trap is likely to have different settings.

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