What are some of the symptoms of a sick raccoon?

There are many signs and symptoms that can help you know that the raccoon is actually sick. You will notice some things that are out of the ordinary and this should tell you all is not well with the raccoon. It is important to note that raccoons can actually transmit disease and parasites to humans and pets and so it is advisable that you stay away from them even when they seem to be just fine. If you live in a house that is found near the home of a raccoon, you can expect that it will come to visit at least once. When the raccoons are aware that you have food accessible, they will regularly pay a visit to you while searching for shelter or food. One of the things that should raise the alarm is when you see a raccoon up and about during the day. Even though this may completely normal, some signs can tell you all is not well. One of the things to look out for is confusion.

If the raccoon is obviously confused, then it most likely is rabid. The sick animal may seem to be moving around in circles without getting to any particular destination. This is also a cause for worry.

You may also notice that the coat of the animal is disheveled and looks rather unhealthy. A sick raccoon may also be very thing and look like it is in a very bad state. You may also notice infections in the upper respiratory system where you may notice a running nose and some very watery eyes and this may lead to conjunctivitis. The raccoon can also appear much debilitated and it may have diarrhea.

A sick raccoon can also be disoriented and may suffer from paralysis. Brain damage can also lead to bizarre behavior. A sick raccoon may actually appear sick physically. In case of broken limbs and the like, you will be able to notice them clearly as the animal moves around. If you see a raccoon covered in wounds or parasites, there is a cause for alarm. A sick raccoon can also get very aggressive for no apparent reason. It is during such escapades that scratches and bites can occur and therefore exposure to whichever disease is ailing the animal. Some of the raccoon diseases affect the brain and therefore the behaviors seen may be out of the ordinary. You should call in wildlife services immediately you spot a raccoon that is obviously rabid.

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