How long does it take to remove rats in a building?

The rat population, especially the roof and Norway rats, is now located around the entire world. They are known to carry different diseases and they are being drawn to the areas where human populations are dense since they can find the food there easily along with a place where they can make nests.

You can use both inhumane and humane methods to control rats. The humane technique may not always lead to the death of the animal. The inhumane means will always lead to death.

It is recommended to always try living in harmony with the rat species if it is possible. This is done through rat proofing the property. It makes the place less attractive and it is the most effective and cheapest way to deal with rats.

If you have to remove an animal from a house which is already infested, you can use the non-lethal traps. They capture the rats when they are still alive and they can be released at the outside.

The live capture traps should be checked regularly, and this is to protect the animal against starvation, dehydration and injury.

When you cannot do anything else but exterminate the infestation, you can find the methods that are known to be humane and they can help to dispatch the rats one at a time. Some people regard the mice and rats as dangerous pests that should be killed without any compassion.

How long it takes to get rid of the rats completely will depend on which methods you are using.

Asphyxiation: this is killing the rats you captured by the use of carbon dioxide. At home, you can mix baking soda and vinegar to make carbon dioxide gas.

Shooting using a projectile: even if this can look more humane, it is important to hit the rat in the brain steam when shooting it using an air gun or BB.

Freezing the rats alive: putting the rat in a container and freezing it may seem more humane compared to beating or shooting, but it is better to give it a quick death.

How long it takes to remove the rats completely will depend on the methods used, the level of infestation and the experience of the person who is removing them.

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