How to get rid of raccoons in the attic

A common but difficult task that homeowners might have to handle is to get rid of raccoons that live in the attic. The complexity comes from the fact that there is likely to be baby raccoons in the attic together with their mother. Young ones are helpless while in the nesting area and they may not be trapped, so they should be removed manually. You or a professional you have hired should go into the attic and remove the babies by hand. You may then use them so that you can trap a female raccoon and get them out together, and this will make it easy to relocate the raccoon with its children together.

The steps to get rid of the raccoons are to go into the attic, look for the litter and remove it. Most of the time, there are baby raccoons even when you are not aware of it, and the litter can be from three to five. When you are not able to find them, it is easy to sit still for at least 30 minutes and you will hear them chattering. Before you move them, ensure that the mother is not nearby since it may attack you.

To catch the adult, you have many options. You may actually mount the trap on the exit and entry hole, and then you can scare her out of your attic and it will enter the trap. When it decides to stick around to defend the babies, then use a snare pole and put it into the cage. If you have found the pups and the mother is not around, use its pups as live bait in order to trap the mother.

When the raccoons have been taken out, you will have to seal the entry points and shut the new animals out. The raccoons give the place an odor that may attract other raccoons there, and you have to clean any mess the raccoons have left in your attic.

If the raccoon babies are stuck in a wall space, you have to pinpoint where the baby raccoons are and then cut a hole to remove them.

While dealing with the raccoons in your attic, you should keep the following in mind. There is no such thing as raccoon repellent since most of what is said to work like coyote, ammonia and moth balls do not work. Male urine eviction can chase away mother raccoons since the males are known to kill small babies.

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